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Body Sculpting

Diet and exercise can be effective methods for reducing unhealthy body fat however it can take many months or years and their effectiveness depends on an individual’s age, sex, genetics and hormone levels. Also, it is not possible to spot reduce. Loosing fat in a specific area requires overall body fat loss.

Several years ago, the only other option was costly and risky surgery. Today Dr. Cárdenas offers new affordable, safe, non-invasive, techniques that can help you “spot reduce” and give you the body you have always wanted.

Techniques for Body Shaping and Sculpting

Costa Rica Aesthetic Center uses the most advanced and specialized techniques to shape the body, reduce fat and remove cellulite. The treatments are safe and effective for patients of all ages. Dr. Cárdenas is trained and certified by the National Association of Mesotherapy, an organization approved by the United States FDA.

While mesotherapy itself involves little to no effort on the part of the patient, maintaining that perfect body shape and structure is more difficult. Every patients must take care to follow a nutritional diet and appropriate exercise program to maintain the results long term.  For best results it is important for the client to remember to eat a healthy, balance diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, and use the recommended lipolytic products for firming and toning.

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