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Laser stretch correction

What is laser stretch correction?

Laser stretch correction is a non-invasive technique that removes (stretch marks) by laser restructuring. This procedure is used by specialized personnel’s that are skilled and knowledgeable with the process. It works simply by removing the epidermis (outer layer of the skin) in order to realign and repattern the underlying skin for new and proper growth.
During the procedure the laser stretch correction, beams of light rays that are calculated according to the client’s body to volume ratio is used to foster the growth of new cells by the removal of stretch marks and hence, promoting good skin appearance and texture that can be used for various cosmetic and fashion purposes.

How does laser stretch correction work?

Laser stretch correction is of two types that are used to correct stretch marks and other minor skin defects. They are the ablative and non-ablative laser corrections. These therapies works by correcting stretch marks which is caused at different levels of the skin. Laser stretch correction is by far a very safe and effective procedure for eliminating stretch marks because firstly, it is a non-invasive procedure that causes less or no harm to the body. Secondly, the procedure is very convenient to achieve its outcome simply because it produces the desired skin effect as quickly as possible without causing discomfort.

The technique of laser stretch correction has found its usefulness in the treatment of various skin defects and amongst them includes:

  • The treatment of moles, skin spots and bumps.
  • Elimination of double chin, rough body surface alignment and improving skin appearance.
  • Elimination of fibrous and excess fats that may result in abnormal skin growth.
  • The treatment of localized tissue fat.

Medical and therapeutic use

Looking for an avenue or a good option for removing stretch marks and other minor skin defects? Be at ease and ponder no more about it because a little of tech has been introduced into the care and treatment of this of skin issues. Contact us and we will carry out this procedure skillfully, in such a way that stretch marks and co will be eliminated totally form your body surface.

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