Dr. Luis Cárdenas, reconocido por su expertise en tratamientos estéticos en Costa Rica, proyectando confianza y profesionalismo desde su consultorio.

Dr Luis FernandoCárdenas Leitón

Dr. Luis Fernando Cardenas Leiton has 13 years of experience working in the Social Security Area of Costa Rica called CCSS, visiting all the communities in the Canton of San Ramon and knowing the needs of the population. In addition to this, he has 13 years of experience in private medicine, which allowed him to determine that the area of aesthetic medicine and non-invasive cosmetics with the latest technology was an area that was underdeveloped in the canton; Dr. Cardenas’ interest in helping people feel and look better and the interest in technology makes him seek to join both passions, giving life to Dr. Cardenas Aesthetic Medical Center, which began in late 2015 and currently has 3 years of experience in the Non Invasive Aesthetic Medical Area and where he has sought to have technological and innovative work equipment for the Western area while maintaining affordable prices and within reach of the general population.

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