Abdominal Tensing

by Dr. Cárdenas

It is a state-of-the-art non-invasive laser tightening treatment, with a safe, comfortable method that offers surprisingly effective results from the first session. Our treatment effectively reduces fat, shapes and sculpts, tightens and tones the skin in a smooth and relaxed way both in the abdominal area and its periphery, as well as any desired area of the body. Undoubtedly the best option for abdominal tightening in Costa Rica.
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What is it?

What is an abdominal tightening? Dr. Cardenas’ abdominal tightening treatment program is specially designed for those who have persistent accumulation of unwanted fat in their body despite rigorous dieting or exercise routines and plans. Dr. Cardenas’ abdominal tightening treatment is not a weight loss solution for obesity problems.

It is a system of laser tightening treatments focused on size reduction and modeling, as well as tightening and toning the skin density according to its advanced technique and its non-invasive method of application in different areas of the body, using the latest laser technology. The system works synergistically to achieve an excellent result for all body types, regardless of the age or sex of the patient. It thus becomes a more effective and safer non-surgical alternative for those who desire a more aesthetic and contoured body contour, but do not feel ready, or avoid plastic surgery or liposuction.


Dr. Cardenas’ abdominal laser tightening therapy is a non-invasive treatment, highly safe and with incredible results. It is a treatment suitable for any type of patient, regardless of age or gender. The treatment can be used in various zones or specific areas of the body and obtain multiple results, such as helping to reduce cellulite while working on a soft and smooth tightening of the skin

Many of our patients who have tried other methods in the fight against skin laxity or stubborn fat have found our various customized treatments to be the ultimate answer to their goals. Adding more and more satisfied patients.

Dr. Cardenas Abdominal Tensing

How and for what purpose?

It works with a system of non-invasive state-of-the-art laser treatments, in addition to other techniques, which allows tightening and sculpting the skin in many areas of the body in a friendly and effective way.

Part of the treatments performed for abdominal tightening (or other parts of the body) is tight sculpting, which includes a pulse that gently and comfortably heats the fat cells and gently tightens the skin, avoiding causing marks to the skin itself. Unlike other traditional methods in aesthetics for the reduction and shaping of fat and skin laxity.

The skin surface is then GENTLY stimulated with controlled pulsations, which reduces skin laxity and creates maximum tightening benefits. This revolutionary heating system also stimulates collagen production and surface reallocation, resulting in improvements in both elasticity and laxity in the patient’s specific treatment areas.


This treatment is ideal for anyone who wishes to shape and sculpt other parts of the body in addition to the abdomen. The consistent spectrum of our therapies also allows our patients to notice immediate toning and a gradual change in the treated contour over time following our therapy. Our treatments help reduce cellulite and at the same time work to tighten and smooth the skin. You will notice that with abdominal tightening there is a before and after.

Post Treatment

It is recommended to avoid direct sun exposure and use sunscreen on the treated area to avoid hyper or hypopigmentation. It is also important to maintain good hydration and a healthy diet to help maintain long-term results.

Before and After – Results of Dr. Cárdenas

How does it work?
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