Face lifting

by Dr. Cárdenas

Dr. Cardenas offers a variety of non-surgical techniques to perform facelifts. The goal is to rejuvenate and restore volume and vitality to the face.
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What is it?

Our facelift procedures and techniques focus on correcting fine wrinkles, deep folds, sagging skin, acne scars, enlarged pores and loss of facial volume. Among the most common treatments are radiofrequency, mesotherapy, laser (Co2, Erbium), PDO tensor threads, polylactic acid and hyaluronic acid, to give you the best results.


Among the benefits of the facelift treatments offered by Dr. Cardenas are:

  • These are non-surgical, minimally invasive facelift procedures.
  • They are safe treatments that do not involve risks and most of them allow patients to continue with their routine immediately.
  • Most of them, in addition to lifting, provide other benefits such as hydration, stimulation of collagen and elastin production, which help improve the appearance of the skin.

How and for what?

Among the main treatments used are: hyaluronic acid, laser, mesotherapy and radiotherapy. Here we explain how these work and what they are used for.

Hyaluronic acid:

Hyaluronic acid is an important natural component of the skin. By retaining more than 1000 times its weight in water, it helps to keep the skin smooth, hydrated, wrinkle-free and supple. By injecting hyaluronic acid in small amounts into the skin, it allows the face to regain firmness and volume, providing hydration, radiance and smoothness.

The laser facelift:

Laser lifting is a gentle, painless method that destroys old cells on the surface of the skin, causing new cells to be generated. This makes the skin softer, smoother and wrinkle-free. Additionally, the laser stimulates the deep layers of the skin, generating the production of collagen and elastin so that the skin tightens naturally.


Radiofrequency consists in the application of waves that penetrate the skin at a high temperature (approximately up to 45°C), without damaging the superficial layers of the skin. This temperature causes the body to produce anti-heat shock proteins, which compress the collagen and elastin fibers, producing a face lifting effect. This treatment allows tightening the skin, eliminating flaccidity and wrinkles from the first session.


Mesotherapy consists of superficial microinjections with different components. To perform face lifting with mesotherapy, the main element to inject is silicon because it improves the quality and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which allows to reaffirm the skin tissues. Hyaluronic acid, vitamin cocktail, antioxidants, amino acids and trace elements are also frequently applied. The objective is to improve the vitality of the complexion, eliminate wrinkles and tighten the skin.


As a result of the combination of techniques applied for your customized facelift, you will obtain a more hydrated face, with a better skin appearance, rejuvenated, even having treated scars and age marks, you will have the results you dreamed of!

Post Treatment

It is recommended to use sunscreen, keep the skin moisturized, avoid makeup in the first hours after treatment, avoid smoking and avoid intense physical activity during the first 24 hours.

Before and After – Results of Dr. Cárdenas

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