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The Centro Médico Estetico Dr Cárdenas is located in San Ramón De Alajuela and Paseo de Las Flores in Heredia, Costa Rica, this center is run by Dr. Luis Fernando Cárdenas who performs all procedures and offers a series of innovative and effective facial and body beauty treatments, as well as procedures for size reduction, permanent hair removal with Italian CPL equipment, laser resurfacing, acne control, and non-invasive aesthetic medical procedures that will help you look and feel better.

At Dr. Cardenas Medical Aesthetic Center we are committed to excellence and constant training, the application of cutting-edge techniques, as well as the acquisition of technological equipment to ensure the best results according to your needs.

Remember that we have innovative equipment and minimally invasive and cutting-edge aesthetic medical procedures for the Western area.


We provide high quality equipment and procedures

Hollywood Peel

This procedure has gained popularity in the beauty and aesthetic world for its ability to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of damaged and aging skin.

Body Sculpting

At Dr. Cardenas Medical Aesthetic Center, we understand that size reduction and body contouring are important goals for many people. Our approach is based on offering non-invasive and effective treatments that bring you closer to the body you want to have.

Buttock lift and contouring

Discover the power of Buttock Lifting and Shaping at Dr. Cardenas Medical Aesthetic Center! If you want to show off toned and attractive buttocks, we offer the best treatments and techniques available to achieve it.


Tired of exercising without getting the results you expect? Have you tried different diets and green juices and you don’t see any change in your body? Don’t worry, from the office of Dr. Cardenas we bring a very effective solution for you.

Removal of venous capillaries and spider veins

Are you concerned about the appearance of your legs due to the presence of spider veins or venous capillaries? These conditions are more common than you think and can affect both men and women. At Dr. Cardenas Aesthetic Medical Center we have an effective solution to eliminate them safely and without surgery.

Tensile threads

Tightening threads in Costa Rica are one of the techniques applied to perform a facelift without surgery, minimally invasive and painless. They help fight the signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles.

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Dr. Cardenas performs the techniques certified by the ACCCOLME (Costa Rican Scientific Association of Longevity and Aesthetic Medicine) and our work teams are endorsed by the FDA of the United States. The medical-aesthetic procedures are minimally invasive and avant-garde.

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Excelente atención por parte de todos! Los servicios que ofrecen, muy buenos!
Nela Montero
Nela Montero
El personal y la atención son excelentes, más que feliz con los resultados obtenidos!!! Muchas bendiciones y sigan brindando la calidad que los caracteriza, gracias
Denise Delgado Montaldo
Denise Delgado Montaldo
Feliz con el resultado !
Silvia Elena Viquez
Silvia Elena Viquez
Excelente mi experiencia. Me hice el láser y quedé súper satisfecha.
Olga M Rodrìguez H
Olga M Rodrìguez H
Ubicado en San Ramón... Amplio parqueo... Excelente atención al cliente..Amplia gama en Procedimientos invasivos.. Innovación en lazer fotona. Atención personalizada..!! Siempre es un gusto visitarlo.. Super Recomendado 💯👌
Yerlyn S.Q
Yerlyn S.Q
Excelente servicio
Clinica Estética Dr Cardenas Cardenas
Clinica Estética Dr Cardenas Cardenas


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Fotona Laser

TightSculpting – Fotona Laser Body Sculpting

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Gill elimination with lipolytic enzymes (enzymatic minilipo)

Hyaluronic Acid

Discover 7 Incredible Benefits of Botulinum Toxin

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