Hyaluronic Acid

Facial lifting with hyaluronic acid

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What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a lubricating substance produced naturally by your own body. It is found in the skin, joints, eye sockets and in other tissues to help retain collagen, increase moisture and provide elasticity and flexibility. It is a powerful moisture binding substance that helps keep skin plump, hydrated and youthful.

Reasons to Use Hyaluronic Acid:

  • Provides an instant improvement in the appearance and texture of your skin.
  • Holds 1000 times its weight in moisture. Attracts moisture to your skin while also forming a mesh over it to prevent trans-epidermal water loss.
  • Smoothes visible lines to improve the appearance of crepey and dehydrated skin.
  • It is light, does not overload oily skin and is ideal for all skin types.
  • It can be used in liquid serums, fillers.
  • Its use in Aesthetics, the sector of greatest demand, has been known since 1996, although it covers multiple needs. Hyaluronic Acid has the capacity to retain water in a percentage equivalent to thousands of times its weight. That is why it is used for hydration of the epidermis as it reconstitutes the fibers that support the skin tissues. Giving a better shape to the skin.
  • A study published by US National Library of Medicine on Hyaluronic Acid determines that it has a positive effect on intrinsic aging, that which is produced by the mere passage of time, and also on extrinsic aging, produced by external environmental factors.
  • It has been proven that Hyaluronic Acid is responsible for maintaining the skin’s moisture levels, as it has the property of retaining water.
  • Its use has also been promoted in non-invasive aesthetic treatments, especially in filler treatments and volume enhancement through infiltrations.

Medical and therapeutic use

Its functionality as a collagen developer, water retainer and skin filler has given it a great demand in the Cosmetic, Aesthetic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology sectors. In the pharmacopoeia of many countries it is used as a wound and decubitus ulcer healing agent in topical application. It is included in group D03 of the international ATC code, specifically with the code D03AX05. It is also used in viscosupplementation, a technique to replace synovial fluid lost during arthroscopies and as a topical or in mesotherapy sessions. The main use of Hyaluronic Acid in medicine (in terms of number of times, not in medical importance), is as a filler material in cosmetic surgery and dentistry, being used in implants and fillings. This material, besides smoothing the subcutaneous folds, stimulates the production of collagen, which multiplies and prolongs the rejuvenating result. Its use stands out in filling and contouring the lips and cheekbones, as well as smoothing the forehead and skin marks, although it is also used to reduce severe acne scars and other skin problems that cause skin loss. Hyaluronic Acid is injected where there is no muscle just under the skin where the wrinkle is.

Treatments Performed at Centro Medico Estético Dr. Cárdenas

  • Facial Lifting
  • Nasolabial fold correction.
  • Elimination of Marionette Lines.
  • Bar Code Correction.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Mesotherapy.
  • Eye Contour
  • Lip Formation and Thickening.
  • Hand Rejuvenation.
  • Intimate Rejuvenation (Formation, Correction and Thickening of labia majora vaginalis)

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