Facial rejuvenation

by Dr. Cárdenas

Dr. Cardenas offers several therapies to rejuvenate the skin, including CO2 therapies and Fotona laser resurfacing treatment. In addition, both bring a variety of benefits to your face.
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What is it?

The facial rejuvenation treatments offered by Dr. Cardenas are multiple and the combinations of treatments will depend on a case by case basis. Some of the treatments are: CO2 laser, Fotona laser (Erbium), hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin type A, calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse), facial shock waves, radiofrequencies, polligen voluderm (Micro needles + Radio Frequency), light therapies, mesotherapy, peelings and medical treatments among others.

CO2 and photone therapies are among the main therapies for facial rejuvenation.

CO2 therapy is a non-invasive treatment, which does not generate any type of pain. It consists of 20-minute sessions that repair the skin tissues and form a layer of collagen in a natural way.

The Fotona facial rejuvenation treatment is a “face lift” without the need for surgery. With the Fotona laser, the skin is reaffirmed, gives volume and tightens the face, disappearing wrinkles in a non-invasive way.


The benefits of Dr. Cardenas’ facial rejuvenation treatments are many:

  • They are safe, fast and effective treatments. In addition, they are approved by the FDA (USA).
  • They provide results that last up to three years. Results begin to be evident gradually after the first treatment session.
  • They can be applied to any patient, and it is even recommended that the first applications be from the age of 35.
  • Multiple benefits are obtained. It eliminates wrinkles and spots, dark circles under the eyes, acne scars or even scars from an accident.
  • They are non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments without surgery.

How and for what?

CO2 therapy provides the necessary collagen for a smoother and glowing skin. Thanks to CO2, dark circles under the eyes are also treated and the circulation of the skin improves, avoiding blood clotting. This therapy also stimulates the production of elastin, which gives elasticity and firmness to your face. Thus, the CO2 therapy disappears both fine and deep wrinkles.

The photon laser treatment allows to restore vitality to the face, firming the skin, giving it volume and tightening it. Thus, not only the skin is regenerated, but also the face is hydrated. The treatment promotes the production of elastin and collagen. It repairs each of the layers of the skin, thus eliminating wrinkles, dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.


With CO2 therapy, each session can last at least 20 minutes and you can start noticing changes after 6 days. With the photon laser, the treatment lasts 45 minutes. With both treatments, wrinkles can be seen to disappear and lighten spots and dark circles under the eyes. It depends on your specific case which one is better for you.

Post Treatment

It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight, keep the skin hydrated, avoid heavy make-up during the first days, and avoid intense physical activities. The use of moisturizers and sunscreen may also be recommended to keep the skin in optimal conditions.

Before and After – Results of Dr. Cárdenas

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