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Abdominal Tightening by Dr. Cárdenas

Tight sculpting is the latest generation of non-invasive laser treatment that is revolutionizing aesthetic medicine and health worldwide. Our treatment effectively reduces fat, shapes and sculpts, tightens and tones the skin smoothly and relaxes both the abdominal area and its periphery, as well as any desired area of the body. Dr. Cárdenas’ laser therapy is safe, comfortable, and achieves surprisingly effective results from the very first session. Many of our patients who have tried other methods in the fight against skin laxity or stubborn fat have found our various customized treatments to be the ultimate answer to their goals. Thus, adding more and more satisfied patients.

Tensado abdominal en Costa Rica - Dr Cardenas

Images of the impressive results achieved after the first session of Dr. Cárdenas’ abdominal tightening treatment

What is Dr. Cárdenas’ abdominal tightening treatment?

It is a state-of-the-art non-invasive laser treatment system, in addition to other techniques, which allows for skin tightening and sculpting in many areas of the body in a friendly and effective way. These techniques work synergistically to achieve excellent results for all body types, regardless of the patient’s age or sex.

Part of the treatments performed is the tight sculpting, which includes a pulse that gently and comfortably heats the fat cells and tightens the skin, while reducing the appearance of marks on the skin itself. It differs from other traditional methods in aesthetic medicine used for the reduction and shaping of fat and skin laxity.

The skin surface is then GENTLY stimulated with controlled pulsations, which reduces skin laxity and creates maximum tightening benefits. This revolutionary heating system also stimulates collagen production and surface reallocation, resulting in improvements in both elasticity and laxity in the patient’s targeted treatment areas.

Why do more and more people prefer Dr. Cárdenas’ therapies?

    No surgery or downtime is required. You can resume your typical daily activities shortly after treatment.
    We use FDA approved methods, and it is a safe, comfortable and surprisingly effective treatment.
    The consistent spectrum of our therapies also allows our patients to notice immediate toning and a gradual change in the treated contour over time following our therapy.
  • The treatment is suitable for any type of patient, regardless of age or sex.
    This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to shape and sculpt not only the abdomen, but also other parts of the body. Thanks to the versatility of application offered by Cárdenas’ laser treatment system.
    Our treatments help reduce cellulite and simultaneously facilitate the smooth and soft tightening of the skin.
    The skin can be carved and sculpted on the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, jowls, and knees, among other areas.

Dr. Cárdenas’ abdominal tightening treatment program is specially designed for those who have persistent accumulation of unwanted fat in their body despite rigorous dieting or exercise routines and plans. Dr. Cárdenas’ abdominal tightening treatment is not a weight loss solution for obesity problems.


Dr. Cárdenas’ successful therapy program, as its name suggests, focuses on size reduction and shaping, as well as tightening and toning skin density based on the advanced technique and non-invasive method of application in different areas of the body, making use of the latest laser technology, which undoubtedly makes it a highly effective and safe non-surgical alternative for those who desire a more aesthetic and contoured body appearance, but do not feel ready for, or are avoiding plastic surgery or liposuction.

Dr. Cárdenas’ abdominal tightening treatment does not marginalize or limit access to any area of the body. It reaches every crease and contour of the patient’s physiognomy.

Do not hesitate to call us for more information and details of our treatments and their benefits. At Dr. Cárdenas Aesthetic Medical Center (Centro Médico Estético Dr. Cárdenas) you will find the answers to all your concerns and desires regarding health and aesthetic improvement.

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