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Laser Tattoo Removal in Costa Rica

Patients who visit the Centro Médico Estético Dr. Cárdenas in search of the benefits offered by our renowned and diverse aesthetic treatments can now count on the highest technology offered! Our office in Costa Rica now offers patients access to Quanta System Q-Plus C when making the decision to get rid of unwanted tattoos on their skin.

This particular treatment utilizes a state-of-the-art laser energy system that has the ability to powerfully remove color pigmentation in the yellow and red range, which are typically more difficult to remove from tattoos, with even fewer treatments than conventional laser tattoo removal methods offered in the country. Dr. Cardenas’s Quanta System Q-Plus C tattoo removal treatment is extremely dermal tissue friendly, no matter the skin type, as well as safe and effective in providing the most effective and highest quality tattoo removal for patients in and around the area to be treated.

Quanta System Q-Plus C laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink pigmentation in the skin throughout the treatment. Traditional methods require many treatment sessions to achieve acceptable to noticeable results. With Dr. Cardenas’s laser tattoo removal treatment, patients will require fewer sessions to achieve great results, which reduces the overall cost of the tattoo removal process compared to conventional or lower-powered treatments. Weaker lasers are not as effective and may require patients to undergo ten or more sessions to effectively remove the pigmentation of the tattoo ink, whereas this particular method consists of far fewer sessions and therefore a lower cost, not to mention saving patients time and energy! Depending on the ink color, size, and quality of the tattoo, many patients can use Dr. Cardenas’s Quanta System Q-Plus C for significantly faster tattoo removal without any side effects or risks. Dr. Cardenas works one-on-one with his patients to help them achieve their desired goals to ensure that their investment in themselves and their appearance is successful, achieved at a lower cost, and, most importantly, leaves them satisfied with their results.

Dr. Cardenas Cosmetic Medical Center in Costa Rica is pleased to provide laser tattoo removal treatment along with many other laser therapies throughout his practice. Dr. Cardenas offers more advanced solutions than any other cosmetic center in the area and is committed to finding the most convenient, efficient, and effective services for each of his patients while also seeking to offer these treatments at a lower cost.

Quanta System’s Q-Plus C therapy is a procedure that precisely removes those unwanted tattoos that contain pigmentations in color ranges that are difficult to remove with greater effectiveness.

Common techniques used for tattoo removal include surgical removal and dermabrasion among others. Tattoo ink is placed under the top layer of skin, and this makes tattoo removal usually more complicated and expensive than the actual application of the tattoo. However, at Dr. Cardenas Centro Medico Estético, we offer you the most advanced treatments with Quanta System’s state-of-the-art Q-Plus C technology.

If you are in the area or visiting Costa Rica and are considering a highly certified and recognized aesthetic center for your skin and body needs, contact Dr. Cardenas today! Schedule your first appointment or consult with the expert team at Dr. Cardenas Medical Aesthetic Center to learn more about Quanta System’s Q-Plus C treatments for the removal of unwanted or deteriorated tattoos among other state-of-the-art aesthetic treatments.

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