Facelift with Fotona laser 6D

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Time is responsible for demonstrating that age does not pass in vain. Already in the 30s, most people begin to notice the first lines of expression on their faces, which usually appear on the forehead, the eyebrows and near the eyes.

The good news is that today, it is possible to perform a facelift without surgery by treatment with Fotona laser 6D. This is a revolutionary facial tension therapy that is performed with a Laser platform from Erbium and Neodymium-Yag.

During the procedure, laser waves are applied from inside the oral mucosa, which allows treating the entire dermal and muscular complex. This technique avoids prolonged recovery periods, deeply invasive cuts, wounds, bleeding, and injections.

It is a non-invasive and painless treatment, it does not need anesthesia, and after the procedure there is only a small redness of the skin, therefore, you can continue with your normal life routine. A great advantage of this treatment is that it does not distort the shape of the face since its objective is to restore the skin to its normal appearance.

Fotona laser 6D achieves a complete contraction of collagen fibers, generating a thickening of the skin and greater volume in the face, lifting it and significantly reducing wrinkles and expression lines. The application and combination of laser technologies complement each other in perfect synergy to act on the skin and subcutaneous tissue at a superficial, medium and deep level, performing tension, anchoring, and facial peeling.

Fallen cheeks, bar codes lips, and the nasogenian folds are some of the areas where the 6D treatment works very effectively. The number of sessions required will be determined by the doctor after evaluating your skin (usually 1-2 sessions are required). And like any cosmetic procedure requires maintenance that this case recommends annually.

Get in touch with us and eliminate once and for all facial sagging and wrinkles through therapy with Fotona laser 6D.

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