Benefits of Fractional CO2 Laser

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CO2 fractional laser is a new facial rejuvenation treatment technique that has revolutionized the market due to its great effectiveness and safety in the treatment of blemishes, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, and other skin abnormalities.

CO2 fractional laser also is known as phototermolysis jointly uses carbon dioxide gas and a heat source (laser diode or radiofrequency) to penetrate to the deepest layer of the skin (dermis) stimulating the remodeling and synthesis of the fibers of collagen and fibroblasts. This effect allows obtaining smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

The equipment currently used has a wavelength of 10,660 nm, which can be assimilated by the water contained in the tissues. During the procedure, small columns of energy are generated that heats the water contained in the cells, thus causing selective and controlled vaporization of the injured skin layers. This allows the start of the cell regeneration process resulting in healthy skin.

Previously, a very aggressive laser was used, so it was sought to modify the technique, creating the fractional laser much less ablative, making the recovery process faster and reducing the side effects. Unlike the old CO2 laser equipment, those of today do not cause prolonged redness, do not cause pigmentation changes, have no risk of infection and offer better results.

Applications of fractional CO2 laser

Depending on the power of the power applied to the device, the CO2 laser can be used to vaporize or cut the tissue.

The vaporization of the tissue is used to perform a controlled and precise exfoliation of the superficial layers of the skin.

Fractional CO2 laser vaporization eliminates spots, warts, dark circles, wrinkles, scars, keloids, stretch marks, acne, dilated pores, and photoaging. Therefore, it is very useful in aesthetic medicine as a technique of facial rejuvenation.

As mentioned earlier this laser also serves to cut tissues, however, this utility is used only by a doctor when they want to achieve an ablative effect by coagulating blood and lymphatic vessels to prevent bleeding from occurring during a surgical procedure.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can also use the CO2 laser to perform blepharoplasty, eliminate tumors and epidermal cysts, among other things.

Benefits of the CO2 laser in aesthetic treatments

  • It allows revitalizing the skin and giving it luminosity.
  • It allows obtaining a uniform tone by eliminating spots and redness of the skin.
  • Eliminates wrinkles.
  • It provides smooth and smooth skin without resorting to a surgical facelift.

After the CO2 laser session, the most noticeable effects (a couple of days) is the attenuation of the spots (or their removal depending on the case) and a marked improvement in the general condition of the skin. The other benefits are noticed after approximately 3 months of treatment, since this is the time necessary for the reorganization and synthesis of collagen.

The benefits obtained with the fractionated CO2 laser can last for years, however, these can be conditioned by skincare, natural skin aging, and the habits of each person.


The number of sessions required to achieve the desired objectives will depend on the type of condition to be treated and the skin of the patient. However, in most cases, 1 to 6 sessions are required to begin to notice the changes.

The sessions usually last a few minutes and a greater emphasis is usually placed on the most affected areas of the skin. After the sessions, the skin will be reddened for a few hours and as the days go by it acquires a brownish color that disappears in 3-4 days giving rise to a completely renewed and healthy skin. It is important to mention that some people may experience discomfort such as burning or itching after the sessions; however, this usually disappears in a few hours.


CO2 laser can be used on all skin types, but there are certain contraindications for its application such as:

  • Infectious processes.
  • Coagulation disorders.
  • Febrile syndrome.
  • Debilitating conditions.

In Consultorio Cardenas we have the best professionals and the latest technology equipment to provide you with the best experience and the best results. Book your appointment now and enjoy the benefits of the fractional CO2 laser.

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