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We live longer than ever, and most of us also want to look good on the road. Fortunately, with the advent of new technologies, we now have something to say about how well we want our skin to look. The CO-2 Fractional laser, the working horse of the 1990s, has been completely redesigned with a turn of the 21st century, and its most recent reincarnation is the ” CO 2 FRACTIONAL LASER”.

This new and revolutionary laser is applied on the face and neck to eliminate fine lines, areas of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, unwanted folds and sagging skin. One of the impressive results of the treatment with the CO-2 fractional laser Costa Rica is the elimination of “smoker lines” on the upper and lower lips.

How does laser treatment work?

The first thing that happens is the application of an anesthetic cream in the area to be treated. This cream is then covered with a light coat of Saran Wrap to allow numbed agents to penetrate deeply into your skin. Then the cream is removed and the skin is cleaned. If a deep renovation with CO-2 fractional laser Costa Rica is planned, Demerol and other strong pain relievers can be administered to ensure that the procedure is painless.

After covering the eyes with small laser light glasses, the doctor passes the laser quickly and steadily through the skin. You do not feel anything, except for a soft heat on the skin, but you can hear the slight whistle of the laser as it works its magic. The fractional laser, tightly controlled, penetrates a quarter of an inch into your skin with a narrow beam of light. The heat of the laser extends laterally under the skin and attracts certain cells called fibroblasts and macrophages, responsible for the stretching and repair of the skin unlike many other treatments, the C02 laser.

After the procedure, you will look a little pink, the same way your skin would look if you spent a few hours in the California sun without sunscreen. The nurses bring you two zip lines full of ice and the ice against your forehead and your cheeks feel so good. Eliminates the small amount of heat that follows laser treatment.

That’s all that constitutes a laser treatment with CO-2 fractional laser Costa Rica.

During the next five days, the pink skin becomes more and tenser. At this point, return to the doctor’s office and the nurse helps remove the dead brown skin with a unique facial treatment. When you look in the mirror after the facial, you see a tense, healthy-looking skin with no lines and dark, hyperpigmented spots. As the days go by, the pink color disappears and, looking at yourself in the mirror; you say to yourself: “What a difference laser therapy makes! I look between 10 and 15 years younger.” This is the typical experience that we all share when we have CO-2 fractional laser therapy.

How is this new and revolutionary laser different from the old laser technology?

The previous generation of lasers caused ablation of the skin by burning the surface, while the new laser penetrates along a narrow column below the dermis of the skin and extends laterally. This saves many of the cells on the surface and allows much more energy to penetrate the areas where it is needed. Here the power literally “lights up” the dormant repair cells that begin to form long columns of collagen and elastin. This results in the rejuvenation and stretching of the skin.

What this means is that the recovery time of the skin is reduced and we heal faster than with the previous generation of lasers. The fine lines around the mouth and eyes are gone.

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