Aesthetic benefits of the Fotona Laser

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The new Fotona laser treatment is able to eliminate sagging, blemishes and wrinkles once and for all. In addition, it helps to hydrate and regenerate the most sensitive parts of the facial skin.

Fotona 6D is a laser treatment that uses several complementary wavelengths in a single treatment, which improves laser-tissue interaction and allows greater penetration in all layers of the skin.

Fotona’s Q-switched technology allows instead of generating heat, the laser light transforms into photoacoustic waves that mechanically break unwanted particles so that the body’s own immune system can eliminate them. In addition, the absorbed energy stimulates the production of collagen in the dermis which provides a firm, smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

How is it the procedure?

First the Neodymium laser is applied all over the face to activate the synthesis of collagen, so we manage to tighten the skin, and eliminate wrinkles. Afterwards, the Erbium laser is applied through the internal part of the oral mucosa, so we can work the deeper layers of the skin, remodeling and regenerating the tissues from the inside. Finally, a peel is performed with the laser to attenuate and / or eliminate scars and spots, this gives greater homogeneity to the entire face. In 45 minutes the skin will be reborn, creating a progressive lifting effect.

Fotona 6D treatment is a very effective treatment and also has the advantage of being painless, does not require prior preparation and does not cause allergies or adverse reactions.


  • Remodels and repairs all skin layers.
  • Generates and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, thus recovering the lost shine and elasticity worn out over the years.
  • Eliminates wrinkles without going through an operating room.
  • Remove stains and fight the photoaging.
  • Eliminates acne, dark scars and stretch marks.

Fotona Laser 6D is the result of technological advances and studies carried out in the main aesthetic medicine research centers. In our clinic we offer you the best devices and the most qualified personnel for the care of your skin. Get in touch with us and you will receive the best attention.

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