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CO2 laser rejuvenation is a carbon dioxide popularly used for skin resurfacing. It is mostly used to care for  age spots, wrinkles, sun damage, discoloration, scars and other skin irregularities. The process of going through this treatment is called laser vaporization, laser peel or lasabration, it involves concentrated quivering radiation of light at irregular skin, incisively removing skin layer by layer. Although, laser rejuvenation is considered different from surgeries, however not all are downtime free. It also requires a healing period depending on the type of laser being applied; patients also need to alter their activities around specific areas such as the pool, gym workouts et ce tera to avoid infections.

For ages, CO2 laser rejuvenation has been used to treat various skin irregularities. The latest version of CO2 laser rejuvenation, fractionated rejuvenation involves the use of very little quivering of light or sometimes, continuous radiation of the light which are beared in a scanning shape to clear skin damage with very minimal heat ruin.


People who have light acne scars, unresponsive skin treatment after a face-lift is done, or those who have wrinkles around their forehead, eyes and mouth are appropriate fit for this treatment. It is under speculations that those who have very dark skins are not fit candidates for CO2 laser skin rejuvenation. However, it is quite adequate that those who have stretch marks and acne are not good fits for the treatment.


For a perfect CO2 laser rejuvenation, the patient needs to be well informed, lack of information leads to alot of hazards in so many things. You should go to a very good clinic where they specialize in laser rejuvenations, take medical advice and know if you are considered a good candidate for the treatment before you go for it; the doctor will consider which of the laser treatment is appropriate for you.

Be open to your doctor about your medical conditions, for instance if you get fever blisters around your mouth or cold scores; it was observed that laser skin rejuvenation can spark breakouts in people who are liable.


Before you undergo laser rejuvenation, there are some things that needs to be done and  stopped. For instance, smokers are advised to quit smoking days before the treatment.

Medications that impacts clotting might also need to be avoided weeks to the treatment. Your doctor can however prescribe antiviral medicine if you’re liable to fever blisters and cold scores;  and  antibiotics to avoid infections.

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