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Wrinkles and skin flaccidity are the most prominent signs of aging. Fortunately, nowadays there are several therapeutic methods available to correct these imperfections without the need to undergo surgery and risk any potential complications! The objective of this treatment is to rejuvenate and restore volume and vitality to the face.

A wide variety of minimally invasive techniques are available for facelifts that can be adapted to the specific needs of each individual. These procedures can correct fine wrinkles, deep folds, sagging skin, acne scars, enlarged pores, and loss of facial volume. The following are some of the most commonly used techniques.

Hyaluronic Acid

The Hyaluronic Acid facelift has revolutionized aesthetic medicine in recent years, as it has provided truly incredible results.

Hyaluronic Acid is a complex carbohydrate found in connective tissues throughout the body. Approximately 50% of the body’s hyaluronic acid is found in the skin, and its function is to help keep it soft and supple.

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to attract and retain more than 1,000 times its weight in water, which helps keep skin hydrated, smooth, and wrinkle free.

The hyaluronic acid facelift consists of applying hyaluronic acid to different areas of the face with the aim of providing firmness and recovering lost volume. In addition, this anti-aging therapy provides hydration, luminosity, and smoothness to the skin so that the face looks much younger and the skin much healthier.

Hyaluronic acid injections are also used with great success to remove scars and shape various facial structures such as the cheekbones, nose, and chin.

During the procedure, small amounts of hyaluronic acid are injected into the deep tissues of the dermis, thus leaving no bruising or edema and enabling the patient to immediately return to work.

Laser Facelift 

The laser facelift can hide the signs of aging by destroying the old cells of the superficial layer of the epidermis, thus leading to the regeneration of new cells and providing softer, smoother skin without wrinkles. In addition, the laser has the advantage of stimulating the deep layers of the skin responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which allows the skin to tighten naturally.

This is a non-aggressive method with no side effects, as it gives the treating physician more control over the intensity with which the treatment is applied. Thanks to the precision offered by this technique, sensitive areas such as the region around the eyes and lips can also be treated.

The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and requires the application of local anesthesia. The doctor then places a probe under the skin that will transmit the laser, which heats the dermis and stimulates the production of collagen. The procedure does not generate any type of pain. Afterwards, the patient must complete a few sessions in which an external laser is applied. This will further stimulate the production of collagen and tighten the skin.


Radiofrequency treatment is currently a very popular technique due to its excellent lifting effect and its ability to provide facial and body remodeling. Today’s radiofrequency equipment is highly effective—it can tighten the skin and eliminate flaccidity and wrinkles even from the first session.

This technique works through the application of radiofrequency waves that penetrate to the dermis, raising the temperature up to approximately 45oC without producing harmful effects on the superficial layers of the skin. At these temperatures, the organism produces anti-thermal shock proteins that compress the collagen and elastin fibers immediately, producing a facial lifting effect. During the procedure, a gel is usually applied on the area to be treated to act as a conductor and protect the superficial tissue.

Generally speaking, there are two types of radiofrequencies: monopolar and bipolar. In the monopolar form, the patient must hold a metal device that is connected to the radiofrequency machine to close the circuit and act as a grounding device while the doctor applies the head of the mechanism to the patient’s face. With bipolar radiofrequency, the head contains the grounding device and the emitter. Although the monopolar radiofrequency acts in a deeper way, the bipolar form is more comfortable for both the patient and the doctor.


Facial mesotherapy is a method in which superficial microinjections are applied containing certain active ingredients that help to improve the vitality of the patient’s complexion, eliminate wrinkles, and tighten the skin.

This is a simple, safe, economical, and effective procedure when quality products are used. This technique allows the active ingredients to penetrate 100% into the skin, thus improving the overall results. The injections can be applied manually or by means of an injection system similar to a gun.

The most frequently applied substances are: hyaluronic acid, a vitamin cocktail, antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements, and organic silicon (to tighten the collagen fibers).

The main substance used to perform a facelift with mesotherapy is silicon because it improves the quality of the skin and increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis, allowing the skin tissues to become firmer.

This technique also provides luminosity to the skin, which serves to hide the first signs of aging. Additionally, this treatment moisturizes the skin and fills in wrinkles when hyaluronic acid is applied.

Calibrated pulsed light

Calibrated pulsed light is a high-intensity light source that covers a narrow range of wavelengths that produce various effects on the skin. The main benefits of this technique is that it can correct irregularities in the skin, tone the skin, and remove lesions so that it rejuvenates the complexion and improves the health of the skin. This system acts as an intelligent scalpel by reducing pore size and eliminating wrinkles. In addition, it stimulates the production of collagen by the dermis, which improves the overall texture and appearance of the skin.

The treatment must be applied on clean skin after an anesthetic cream has been applied and left on for at least 30 minutes. Then the anesthesia is removed, protective goggles are placed on, and a gel is applied to the patient’s skin to refresh the tissues. After the treatment with the calibrated light is finished, a moisturizing cream is applied. The effects are noticeable within just a few sessions.

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